Project History and Updates

August 2018 – City Council asked the Library Director and community club to start looking into the possibility of a new library and community center.

September – October 2018 – Library staff visited libraries in nine communities for ideas.

October 2018 – Library applies for and receives a grant from the State Library of Iowa for a space needs assessment.

December 2018 – Slater Community Club donates $150,000 as seed money for the project.

February 2019 – Space needs assessment completed and presented to the library board and city.

March 2019 – City gives go ahead to form a building committee and start looking into architects.

April 2019 – City decides on 405 Main Street location.

May 2019 – Building committee meets for the first time and RFPs are sent to architects.

August 2019 – Architects are interviewed and FEH Design is hired.

September 2019 –Preliminary meetings with FEH.

November 2019 – Design Workshops are held at City Hall.

December 2019 – Floor plans and exterior elevation displayed at Christmas on Main.

January 2020 – Building is projected to cost $5.8 Million.  The building committee begins work on sponsorship information and fundraising materials.

March 2020 – Project is paused due to pandemic.

January 2021 – Committee resumes grant research and fundraising efforts.

June 2021 – Start scheduling meetings and presentations with the community and local businesses.

May 2022 – Grant information is released from the State of Iowa prompting a look at other sources of funding to meet grant qualifications requiring 50-60% of funding to apply.

June 2022 – Fundraising efforts reach $1.4 million.

July 2022 – Slater City Council votes to approve a special election in September for a bond of $2.5 million to aid in grant writing for the project with an updated estimated cost of $7.6 million.

September 2022  – Bond vote does not pass.  52% approval received, when 60% is required.

August 2023 – Slater City Council votes to proceed with the building project by placing a bond referendum for $2.5 million dollars on the November ballot.

September 2023 – Fundraising efforts reach $1.7 million.

November 2023 - Bond vote does not pass. 55% approval received, when 60% is required.  Fundraising continues.